Founded in 2010, our law firm provides quality legal services to a fast growing number of clients. We pride ourselves in rendering a customized service to our corporate as well as to ourprivate clientele. Our continuous annual growth is to us the clearest indication of our clientele’s satisfaction.

Originally set up as a boutique corporate law firm, we have over the years expanded our legal services to fit our client’s interests and needs. Therefore, we are currently also apt to provide counseling in adjacent corporate topics such as contractual , real estate , and labor laws. A substantial part of our firm`s work revolves around corporate restructuring , real estate development, corporate litigation and arbitration, debt recovery, white collar crimes and tax consultancy, compliance and planning . Besides the above, the firm also administers assets and provides escrow for its clients.

Our goal is to bring comfort to our client’s lives. This is the rationale behind the “one stop shop” approach, where corporate clients may also take the opportunity to see to their personal legal affairs. For that, we have specialized professionals in the areas of family law, administrative law (including construction law) and criminal law.

Our professionals are licensed to practice in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. We also work in international cooperation with other Law Firms in Germany,Austria, USA, Brazil, China, and the UK.