Our law firm has got years of expertise in the arena of real estate law as in the arena of construction law. We offer our services in the process of acquisition or sale of real estate property and due to our expertise we are able to tackle any possible complications that may arise this context.  


Buying, selling or donating real estate property

·         Complex legal services in relation to buying, selling or donating real estate property (be it an apartment, building, commercial premises or a lot)

·         Preparation of all needed legal documents (SPA, deed of donation, division of joint ownership, etc.)

·         Representation in proceeding in front of the land registry office

·         Representation in litigation over ownership rights

·         Preparation of contract and litigation over contract concerning easements, construction title, charges, etc.

·         due diligence (legal audit of real estate properties)

·         escrow account services in property transactions


Administration of buildings

·         preparation of complex contractual documentation in relation to property  management

·         representation in litigation and other disputes with tenants or third parties

·         legal consults on substantial law in relation to property management

·         due diligence (legal audit of title deeds)

·         private property administration


Construction Law

·         representation in building permit and zoning permit proceedings

·         drafting of building bylaws

·         representation in proceedings in front of the land registry office


Homeowner Associations

·         Incorporation of HOAs

·         Changes to bylaws

·         Full services to the life of a HOA: administration of general meeting, filing to the HOA registry, etc.

·         Consults and legal opinions in respect of HOA activities

·         Representation in litigation and in proceedings in front of various public authorities