Civil Law

Our law firm provides quality legal services in the area of civil law, in particular in the following fields:

Law of Contracts

  • Drafting and revisions of various contracts (i.e. sales-purchase agreements, deed of donation, lease contract, service contract, loan contract, insurance contract, and further types of contract pursuant to the subject matter in question. 
  • Legal consults on conclusion of contracts, revisions of contract and analyses of contractual conditions as to their favourability to client ta
  • Representation in litigation concerning contracts 

Inheritance Law

  • Drafting of last wills 
  • Consults and representation in inheritance proceedings (incl. litigation), consults on rights and duties of heirs 
  • Consultations in case of over-indebted inheritances (acceptance or refusal of inheritance)
  • Preparation of all required documentation 
  • Communication with authorities
  • Representation of heirs in the proceedings in front of notary public and the court of inheritance, representation of heirs in litigation and arbitration