Medical Law

Full legal services to medical services providers, legal representation of medical professionals in litigation over damages, consults over internal norms and policies, medical practice related labor law issues, etc.

Our law firm provides highly specialized legal services in the area of medical law. We have been active in this field since founding this law firm and due to the structure of our clients we indeed have deep knowledge of this arena of Czech law.

Medical Services-Related Expertise

  • Preparation of complex contractual documentation for the operation of a medical service provider
  • Consultations and drafting services in relation to internal rules, regulations and policies 
  • Legal consuls in the context of incorporation, sale and purchasing of medical praxes 
  • Legal representation of medical professionals in litigations and in front of public authorities
  • Communication with public authorities and medical insurance providers
    • cooperation with experts over expert witness opinions in context of litigation
    • representation of medical professionals in employment law disputes