Our law firm also focuses on the following areas of law:

Criminal law and misdemeanour proceedings
We provide a full range of legal services in the field of criminal law.

Legal representation at all stages of criminal proceedings (pre-trial, trial, appeal, execution).
preparation and filing of criminal charges
legal representation in misdemeanour proceedings

Family law
Family law affects family relationships like perhaps no other law. Our law firm is fully aware of this fact and is able to approach our client’s matters with the necessary empathy and respect for their family ties. We offer the following services in the context of family law.
Legal advice and the drafting of agreements governing the community of property (pre-nuptial agreements, agreements on the division or reduction of the community of property during the marriage…)
comprehensive legal services relating to the dissolution of the marriage (adjustment of the relations of minor children, division of the matrimonial property…)
maintenance (recovery of maintenance)

Labour / Employment law
Our law firm regularly offers its clients legal services in the field of labour law.
Comprehensive legal services regarding employment law (employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, internal employment regulations, competition clauses, occupational health and safety…)
representation in employment disputes between employees and employers
legal advice on employee remuneration
representation in dealings with labour authorities or labour inspectorates